The “Bottega”

Enrico Franchi’s “Bottega Franchi”, Opened the 6th December 2014 in Rome, 156 of via di Ripetta as goldsmith’s workshop and jeweller’s shop, is the destination point of a nsw ancient history.
Founded in the year 1962 in Rome via delle Vite by the father Fausto Maria Franchi, then transferred in the year 1998 in via del Clementino, the goldsmith’s workshop “Bottega Franchi” has always mantained its mark of ‘workshop of artistic ideas, research and innovation in the jeweller’s art’.
The Atelier is a bright, hospitable room, where pure gold and silver pieces of jewellery, bronze works of sculpture, translucent and coloured enamels welcome the visitor giving the feeling of the well and accurately executed and amzing results.
Bottega Franchi is a shop where all the alchemy of the jeweller’s art is shown to the visitor’s admiration.

Training courses

Bottega Franchi is organizing basic and advanced goldsmith lab courses at its laboratory for a minimum duration of 150 hours and are modulated according to participants’ commitments. The courses are basically divided into three levels, each of which is designed to meet the needs of the participants.
BASIC COURSE devoted to those who look for the first time on the varied world of orphanage and sculpture, where participants are accompanied by a basic technique. INTERMEDIATE COURSE where, who already has rudiments in the field of orphanage and sculpture, can deepen and learn new techniques. ADVANCED COURSE where the techniques are refined.